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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> a super soaker in the ba area. and when the series of storms will nd. >> drenchings taking a toll. we'll have a look at the storm's impact. >> tahoe under a winter storm warning but this storm isn't all good news. >> and stuck on the bridge but this has nothing to do with trafc how crews got it unstuck. >> triple threat. the third wave of the storm system slows traffic to a crawl andunning down trees.
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it's bringing up the rain we need. >> let's take a look at live conditions, oh, my goodness. >> traffic coming out of the mcarthur maze. east d west, we've got scattered showers at this hour, slick streets, bringing this home to a crawl. you can see inemeryville. >> good evening, everybody. let's get to our storm watch coverage. thd storm in four days is leaving a mark on the bay area. this is how things look at the hour. heaviest rain now is off shore. moving into ourirection let's close in on theouth bay now. is this batch of thunderstorms
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moving into our direction. rainfall totals today have been impressive. they've been uniform. in fact we've had record rainfall for this date. in moffett field 1.14 inches. a w record and rainfall total r this date. over an inch and a half in mill valley and around the bay area, generous tals. we'll have waves of heavy rain now. not only is the commute messy, tomorrow morn will be as well. >> thank you, spencer. speaking of, which rain-slick roads were dangerous this morning. chp says they fielded 400 accident calls between 2:00 and 10:00 a.m . california drivers are required by lawo have headlights on any time windshield wipers are
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operating. an ancam trance traffic near paul avenue were closed and took crews until 1:00 to open the lanes >> in the north bay, people have been dealing withowned trees and we've had rain. >> we've wanted i and no one is complaining too much about it. that is the creek that caused problems but know, and swirling and not a problem now. most othe day was uneventful unless you happen to be long term residents. >> things we take for grante trees in the yard, until they fall anyway. >> it sounded like there is a
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minor earthquake. >> that is michael collins. he found the source, a coastal oka. >> the folks at tree masterers warn there will be more ahead. >> is this over? >> no. wig one coming up tomorrow. >> big ones we relative today. in mill valley, they're predictable. >> every tim it rains and there is a high tide. >> this is what happens when tides converge in this lot owned by the stat an sworn at by mill valley residents. bob has seen this event too many times to count. >> once it's about a footeeper
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there is problems with the cars getting through. passengers get upset. >> so let's see there is something to rejoi about. cascade falls. >> dry enough for my dog couldn't swim anymore. >> today, a dog could have chosen tgo swimming but decided against it. too mu water. what a niceproblem. >> reservoirs ar at 94%. so we still have a way to go. for anyone that worries about water woes, it is encouraging.
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>> in san francisco, crews had to deal with caning up mud and debris on the tracks. cable car service resumed just before 2:00 this afternoon. down pour caused problems across the city. we are live with a look now. leanne? >> we decided to show you that huge christmas tree that will be lit up in a w mites. that nicer t many of the trees we've seen today. the ty had to take care of about 15 fallen trees and branchs. this fallen monterey crpress was
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being cut down. these trees have a shallow root system. this measure between 40 and 50 feet. >> this is about average. we have rig staff on duty. we're looking at bringing staff on overtime. >> two cars were damaged when a limb snapped by the time we got there, the city was about to turn this branch into mulch. another fell near bush street. >> it's not every day you can e a tree in the middle of powell street. >> buses and cars hd to drive around it. police waited until a cw came to remove it. >> this is been dropping for a while already. >> most trees are in need of
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pruning. >> we're on a kiekel every 0-12 years it's a funding issue. >> years of the cuts have reduced the am of funded needed to properly maintain the trees. >> we have wild weather there, too. >> there is damage there to cars no one was hurt by fallen trees we wanthat 85 tree to stay up as long as possible. maybe light the tree >> you start start here. they're not going to hear us. >> agreed. >> we're there in spirit. >> yes. >> we know drenching today had a
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massive impact so how is the drive ho shaping up? >> how about this? move these cars we're just stuck with afternoon and evening. headlights there towards bay pa. make sure you have something nice waiting for them. and have patience there there is heavy traffic and 're still dealing with overturned vehicles we have this accident, driving conditions have been treacherous here with mudslides. southbnd side of highway 1 heavy back up to highway 85. and be careful tomorrow morning's commute. >> thank you all of the rain heris turning
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into snow in the sierra. se flurries today, but our camera is up on the mountinin more than 8,000 feet high. mostlyain down inake level. checout highway 80 along the north shore. it's been 7200 feet and sort of a rain-snow mix. there is enough for six runs to be open. and it likes that wet snow now. >> we have mostly snow making there is nothing like natural snow, that moisture is a benefit this time of the year. >> it's great. great. we wentp last year. i think we'll cup u more, is year. >> other ski resorts expect to open more runs after the storm
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finishes dumping rain overnight and into thursy. >> the storm is pounding parts of southern california. mandatory evacuation orders are in place a look at problems there and efforts to keep everyone save is head. >> we're learning about protestors and infiltrators arrested duringemonstrations last week that turned violent. >> we're serious about holding the peopleaccountable. >> the oaklandmayor says those who damaged property will be made to pay for it one way or another. >> the city is considering cil charges and that would be recovering money damages for vandalism last week. >> three nights of demonstrations left tens thousands of dollars in damage, especially to local usinesses.
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and only four have been charged with felonies. >> of the ni people supposed to be arraigned onelonies in court yesterd, five were not charge at all. >> jeff wozniak represents one of them. >> i think e issue is not lost bottles from a $3.2 billion corporation, but why people, why thousands of people protesting in the streets. >> we encourage anye for peacefulemonstrations we discourage anyone participating in criminal activity. >> police say the investigation is beginning as they continue to review officer bod cameras.
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>> police are searching for three men who attacked a disabled homeless than. one man kicked a 67-year-old as he slept in front of a business his cruhes were next to him. and police say the men attacked the victim twice, then left him to die they encountered him and attacked him. it's savage. a brutal, savage assault. more than just apunch, or a kick. >> the three men hak mai have taken bart or muni to attend an event in the area. >> how this car got here and the tricky maneuvers needed to
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remove it. >> and later, how this robot is designed to make your holiday
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a bizarre crash on the golden gate bridge today. a 22-year-old was driving southbound and wedged his blue mustang in an earmarked for pedestrians he did create a problem that
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bridge workers had never seen before. >> you know, it's good the golden gate bridge crew liked puzzles because there was a challenge this morning in figuring out how to extract it from where it was wedged in the sidewalk. they've done that new. >> workers stopped traffic in both directions they used a crane to lift the car off the sidewalk ask over the guardrail. engineers will review it and soto has been arrested for driving under the influence. >> the rain is welcome relief. california suffers one of the worst droughts on record. alisa harrington is live with more. >> water officials say because the county is not quite on target. people are cutting back 12% and despite the rain, more storms
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are needed to make a significant impact. umbrellas cloud sidewalks. rain pummelling the south bay. the storm is welcome here in drought stricken california. marte grimes says showers are a good start but rain don't mean much. >> i remember in december, 2012 we had good storms like this. some reservoirs are overflowing at the time. that is it. then we had a dry year. >> the board just voted to extent a request for users to cut back 20% county wide. lexington was just at 13% when rains started falling and water shed as above the ten reservoirs are so dry, rain is soaking right into the ground. in palo alto, allen stiefers is relandscaping his yard he had his lawn dug up in the
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spring and replaced with drought-resistant plants for the buy back your lawn program. >> it's more interesting and uses about, we think, about a third less water. >> palo alto residents are jumping on board since increasing the rebate amounts. >> you can still apply for the program, which saved nearly 19 million gallons of water since being started in 2007. >> alisa, thank you. spencer christian joins us now. we talked about drizzle and drops and now, it's deluge, down pour. >> that is what we're getting now. this is enough to raise the deficit. >> right. >> it's accumulated over the years. for this season, we're doing just fine, now. we're just looking at pockets of
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rainfall but you know we've had our heavy down pours and waves still to come. a cluster of storms moving towards san francisco is just over 100 miles away right now. next wave of bearing down on it. in the sierra, much of what is calling now is rainfall or rain-mixed with snow. so let's get back to the bay area and take a look at our normal rainfall for the season. san francisco above normal right now. as is sfo. for this season, we're doing fine. winds calm in spots. gusting to 25 miles per hour in
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napa. looking at how cloudy skies are, looks like there is no rainfall. we'll see waves of showers, and thunderstorms, tonight and tomorrow. this unsettled wattern will continue into next week. another wave is approaching us now and we have some thunderstorms scattered about in this area of circulation. it's moving into our direction meaning more stormy weather. beginning at 7:00 this evening, notice that around 2:00 a.m or so, we'll see another rain of heavy down pours possibly a thunderstorm or two approaching the bay area, moving through. by 5:00 beginning morning commute we'll see areas of light to heavy rainfall and locally heavy down pours which will slow
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down and complicate the morning commute. then we'll have widely scattered areas of rain throughout the remainder of the day into evening hours tomorrow. by 11:00 tomorrow night, we're projecting rainfall totals possibly as high as three additional inches on top of what we have in the north bay mountains. half an inch to an inch and a half is a pretty generous soaking of rain. a storm warning in effect until 4:00 a.m thursday, looking at possibility of 12-18 inches of and 223 feet of snow. rain requirements passing over sierra passes. overnight, rainfall, and possibility of thunderstorms, low temperatures mid-50s tomorrow with more rain likely. high temperatures low to mid-60s, the accu-weather forecast, heavier rain tapers off tomorrow night, we can see a period of unsettled weather and
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throughout the weekend with chance chances rain into next week. >> thank you spencer. >> up next, a look at the new face of california's republican party. and a
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a look at the evening commute on 101 south.
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that is 880 over the top. let's get an update now. laila? >> painful, isn't it? >> yes. >> we're still dealing with wet conditions, traffic moving nicely and continuing north this is your drive into san rafael. we have this vehicle blocking cesar chavez. it's a pain trying to leave the city. >> californians have increased their use of gasoline the state board of equalization reporting drivers purchased 14.5 billion gallons in the last fiscal year, up almost 1% from the previous year, more than any
7:27 pm
other state in the country. californians driving more miles this year, analysts say this is a sign the economy is improving and also, cheaper gas prices. right now, average gallon is down $0.50 perfect a year ago. >> california's legislative session got started with new faces on the republican side of the house. state assembly has a first female g.o.p. korean lawmaker young kim is a long time community leader in north orange county z say they look forward to pushing conservative but they are also willing to work with democrats. >> to get everything done, i understand what is out hire. and people have that expectation of me. >> assembly caucus is the most diverse it's been. 30% is made up of women. the 10% higher than democrats in
7:28 pm
the state assembly. >> the bay area bracing for another drenching tonight. spencer tracking the storm coming and we'll find out how wednesday will start off, wet. >> our latest storm creating a muddy mess in southern california. >> michael finney has a story of a business owner who claims a
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what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. taking a look outside now, this is a view from our exploratorium camera looking east. you can see some thick clouds out there. we're getting spotty showers across the bay area at this hour. our team coverage continues now with a check on the forecast from abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian. >> now we do have pockets of light to monthedit showers and a batch of thundershowers off
7:32 pm
shore. right now, closing in on the south bay, we can see areas of light to moderate rainfall. and patches of rain beginning to push on shore on the peninsula and into the golden gate. and will probably be approaching the coastline. rainfall totals in four hours have been impressive and uniform all areas have been getting a good soaking. san francisco set a record for rainfall from this date. over an inch and a half, 1.5 inches to be exact. and as i've pointed out will grow because more rain is on the way. >> this morning's down pour put the breaks on the commute.
7:33 pm
>> the commute was bad coming in for those on the east bay the soaking brought power outages and clogged drains. >> it had been dry for the afternoon but in the last hour it has started drizzling. you can see the back up which is familiar for those in the commute. >> i 580 was backed up most of the day, continuing over the bay bridge. commuters were gummed up in traffic with drive times into an hour and a half because of flooding in san francisco. in berkeley, a power outage in the neighborhood of delaware and 4th street created a rain rush at betty's diner.
7:34 pm
>> so this morning there were guys who have ape prons on. >> the kitchen kept on going. the combination of rain caused some to flood. residents welcomed the showers. >> it's just the greatest. come on we need more of this. it's not inconvenient. everything is fine. it's warm. >> one resident brewed up tea and stood in the rain. >> i got up at 6:00. and it has been raining like this, really. it's nice. >> rain and wind did snap tree limbs but they didn't have calls of major damage.
7:35 pm
everyone say they want more. >> and they'll get too, thank you. lighter showers with breaks in between. and this reminded everybody that lives there reminded everyone more slides could be coming. rainfall is nearly six inches. a tree fell in sobastopol. work shut down the westbound lane of the highway until about 8:30 this morning. >> crews are on a mudslide watch in several communities ravaged by recent wildfires. an evacuation order is now in
7:36 pm
camarillo springs. residents here have been through this before. >> officials issued an evacuation notice for 60 homes near an area that burned over the summ and has been the site of past mudslides. you can track weather where you live any time with the abc7 news weather apps. >> how much can you rely on yelp reviews? implications of one wrong review. also -- >> i can help you find things in the store. >> they're not human.
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>> if you're deciding which businesses to use, do you first read online reviews? . >> i think a lot of us do. are they real? yelp says 139 people visit every month to find out what others think the question is how reliable are the reviews? >> 139 million is a lot of people. >> there are plenty of sooits. anyone can write about any opinion about nearly anyone so. should you believe what fellow consumers are saying? might want to think twice. >> serving customers in marin county, that is why he was shocked to see this review about him on yelp.
7:41 pm
>> she had everything to complain about. >> the reviewer said the company did a bad job moving from palo alto to cupertino in may. however, tom says it wasn't his company. he never moved anyone to palo alto or cupertino. >> i called and spent hours on the phone with them. >> tom says many companies have names similar to west coast moving. he told yelp the reviewer must have used one of the companies. >> they just kept reiterating nothing could be done. >> tom wanted yelp to contact the reviewer and move it off the page. yelp said companies can't just real yeet bad reviews >> they kept saying we're going around and around in circles >> tom says customers are relying on yelp to guide
7:42 pm
decisions. >> yelp is better than nothing. but is it reliable? absolutely not. in a lot of cases. >> consumer action joe ride jout says shoppers should read with a bit of skepticism. >> problem is one mistaken review or ones being spirited can have a huge impact on what someone takes away. >> each says you'll get a better idea about a business if it has 100 reviews. tom's page had just nine reviews, all favorable except one. we asked yelp if this is a mistake, why not remove it? could other listings be wrong, too? in a statement it says there are local businesses and for business owners to respond. business owners and consumers
7:43 pm
have ability to flag reviews which will be assessed by user operations team. yelp allowed tom to put a disclaimer under the review. and yelp telling us content must be factually correct. i told others about the story. the reaction, many have similar names so mix ups seem inevitable. one way to help is come up with a distinctive name. >> maybe you remember the case of that bag found in a san jose burger king with $100,000 cash inside? tonight, the owner of the burger king tells abc7 news someone has come forward to claim it. the police department is now investigating that claim, employees found the bag on
7:44 pm
wednesday, officers came to the restaurant, opened it up. inside a large amount of money, marijuana, candy and bank deposit slips. >> around the holidays a lot of big box stores have greeters at the front entrance, only one has a greeter that happens to be a robot. a trip to the san jose hardware store that plucked it out of science fiction. >> it's a month before christmas. here at the store a shiny new robot is cruising the floor. oshbot rolls up to offer you help. >> i'm looking for tape. >> use the touch screen to tell it what kind of tape. if it looks like science fiction, that is because it is. >> what we do is use science fiction prototyping. we get our research and trend data to professional writers
7:45 pm
>> they came up with this. a local start up to build and pick a store close to the lab in case it needs brain surgery. >> we spent time seeing how the customer can get a lot of feed back. >> customers are enjoying the novel ti. >> as long as it doesn't go too far. >> i don't want to lose the human touch. >> we have amazing resources but someone can speak five languages probably don't know the location of every item in the store. and the robots don't need to while they do, the oshbot n navigates the aisles. >> i'm looking for a boyfriend.
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>> i was just joking with it, but i didn't hear it laugh. >> they're coming. >> yes. >> keeping you updated on latest wave of rain here in the bay area, i animal the voice of live doppler 7 hd.
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the storm is causing flight delays. faa is reporting three-hour flight delays at sfo for inbound flights. delays range from 15 minutes to three hours. oakland airport is operating on schedule. >> let's get back to spencer christian for update on the next batch of wet weather on the way. >> it's closing in on us now. here is live doppler 7 hd. you can see we've got rain and showers across the bay area now. there is activity off shore sheer, taking aim at san francisco. there is a batch of thunderstorms off shore. and that may hit so we've got
7:50 pm
more active weather, more of it. here is our storm watch continuing. looking at storm risk tonight there is a medium and moderate risk for thunderstorms. that means small stream and localized street flooding and mudslides or rock slides. and a slight risk for wind damage from this storm. tomorrow, stormy, rainy, wet. high temperatures low to mid-60s in the accu-weather forecast calls for unsettled weather thursday into next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> i know we're going to get into college football rankings which you're outraged by. >> 49ers and raiders in need of
7:51 pm
a victory and off tough losses both dealing with a lot of off field chatter. field chatter. we'll look ahead
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49ers and raiders played only 12 times in the regular season, but the battle of the bay continues and here is a look ahead. >> both teams are coming off disappointing losses jim harbaugh answered questions yesterday but his players claim he's not been effective. >> he has to be on pace you know? we've got four games left to play. so then what are we going to do? he can't be phased by. that he's got a job. >> raiders coming off a loss to the rams but you can't have a pity party with niners coming to town. >> everybody here has been a part of a loss before. and only thing you can do is buckle up, man get dirty and play on sunday.
7:55 pm
>> despite a uncomfortable press conference, he managed to look ahead to the raiders and their rookie quarterback. >> he's a fine player and handled his business and has done a fine job. >> both know this is a rare match up and a rivalry due too yog graphy. >> first thing he said is let's get this one. >> we've got to get 11 guys on the same page. doing the same thing. you know? counting on each other. >> he arrived after turning the and went 20 and 18 the rest of the way. expect jim and john harbaugh's names to be floated as replacements the college football rankings are out today and not without controversy. top two there remain number one
7:56 pm
after beating auburn. now, here is the controversy. leap frogging at number three, after escaping florida to remain undefeated. ohio state and baylor or 5 and 6. we've been talking about this all week we thought ohio state might leap frog. turns out tcu over florida state. what about you? >> that is just a comparing. >> its true, it's true. >> now get jumped by oregon, alabama and tcu. i'm almost as ought raged as you are. >> yes. alabama, missouri, 2 and 9 iowa state team. >> do you think there is a way florida state if they win against georgia tech and ohio
7:57 pm
state win was a third straight quarterback there is no way the team can go to five, right? >> if they feel unimpressive, that could happen. but hard to believe. >> you know what? we have bcs computers. >> right. >> we can get osh robot. >> right. >> to play. >> all right well, it's all decided saturday at 9:00 a.m on abc7. third rank horn frogs take on iowa state. and then we wrap it up for foster farms bowl to be played at levis stadium. >> this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. how can you win 28 games in a row? >> never lost a game? >> never. >> we'll see. >> all right. >> thank you. >> join us tonight there is a
7:58 pm
new lawsuit against bill cosby tonight. >> and at 11:00, a disturbing discovery tonight in a local business what a worker found inside of a time capsule that has police investigating. >> tonight at 8:00 "toy story" followed by charlie brown christmas, then at 9:00 agents of shield followed by over forever "and abc7 news at 11:00." >> that will do it. our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from spencer and shu and all
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